Montag, 8. September 2014

Dear Jonas

Sorry, I was a bit confused today and really shouldn't have approached Jürgen Mahmud in a letter adressed to you. So silly, please forgive me. I try it again in English.

It is...because I am so angry today! Yes I am so fucking angry. I mean look at all these Gangs and Gangsters, Murderers and Maniacs out there on the one side, begging for attention and then on the other side the Media and our Worldleaders, paying that attention and  - as an extra present, keep spinnig the mystical coat around them, putting it all into a religious context. There is no fucking religious context. Violence is the Context. Pure and Raw Violence.

And on both sides.

I will write again when I feel better and a bit more relaxed, Jonas. Infact there are so many other things  I wish I could work through with you.

Huge Hug


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