Sonntag, 21. August 2016

Final Additon

Just one more thing to say. The Last Song here ...Buffys Generation...well. I actually feel very sad about it. 10 years ago it felt quite right to me... but today... I just feel there is a huge lack of understanding Some kind of element got lost. Lost in progress. And the irony of it is that there is no progress without this element. No progress and no understanding,too. No connection but isolation and seperation. How can I explane. All people are constantly online and connected, and still. The connecting element got lost or was locked out od kocked out. And therefore writing to the internet makes no more sence to me. And I am sorry, but Buffy's Generation just does not feel right and in place here to me either.

I wish I could have saved some space for the next Generations, some space of fresh air and clear water, space for the freedom of expression, space for courage and the dignity of the individual, space and courage for soulpower. I failed.

Still, let me say it: may your soulpower rescue you!  may you always find refuge within your soulpower! especially when a group or any kind of opressive power tries to knock you off. Hold on to your spirit, hold on to your soul. Noone and nothing can replace your own spirit and soul.

Ok. das wars wohl, was ich der Nachwelt noch hinterlassen wollte.

Time to move on...

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